How to Optimize Your Stock and Boost Your Retail Success with LiveCrew

With the rise of e-commerce, foot traffic at retail shops has slowed. So, when someone walks into your store, it’s a big deal. They likely came looking for a specific product or experience, and it’s a huge opportunity to not only make a sale but convert that visitor into a loyal customer.

When you work hard to get customers into your store, there’s nothing worse than when they leave without making a purchase. Something went wrong, and the opportunity was lost. It’s tough to know exactly why people don’t buy; but you have a secret weapon: your on-the-floor sales staff. But it’s not always easy to capture the anecdotal insights your sales staff has at their fingertips every day.

Information like who came into the store, what they bought, or why they didn’t make a purchase at all.
Maybe they were looking for a different size or color, and it wasn’t in stock.
Maybe they were looking for something from last season that was discontinued and left without buying anything.
Maybe they were looking for something you never thought to stock at all, because you didn’t realize the desire for the product was out there.

Without these tangible insights into why a visitor didn’t make a purchase, it’s impossible to make the strategic adjustments to your stock to make sure the next visitor turns into a paying customer.

You need a simple, easy way for your salespeople to track all this information. Here’s how a platform like LiveCrew could benefit your team and change the way you think about stocking your stores:

Uncover Missed Opportunities

Foot traffic in retail stores is down, and every in-person customer is an important opportunity you can’t afford to lose. So, if they are not buying – what’s the reason?

Here’s the hard truth: You’re losing an average of 12% of your sales due to not stocking the right sizes or colors, or not stocking an in-demand item at all.

On top of that, you’re losing an average of 5% because of overstock of the wrong items that will be sold at a discount. That’s almost a 20% loss on average.

But if you’re able to gather data and insights on customer turnover across all your stores, you CAN make a difference. You can collect data on sizes, colors, styles, or even new product ideas that you don’t currently sell. Every customer, no matter if they buy something or not, is an opportunity to gather feedback about your current offerings and the changes you can make to facilitate growth across your stores.

No More Guesswork

It’s never fun when one visitor leaves the store without making a purchase. But without understanding the whole picture in aggregate across all your visitors and stores, there might be blind spots that can hold you back from big growth.

When you’re driving blind in your stock management, you end up with product that’s in the wrong sizes or even the wrong style. If it’s not sold…it ends up in the discount bin.

A robust database tracking all your customer information across seasons and different stores will provide deep insights into what your customers want and how you can accurately anticipate their needs. When you use a scalable solution like LiveCrew, you can analyze the data and make informed decisions on what, where and when to stock.

Ditch the Sticky Notes

When it comes to collecting customer information, manual tracking just doesn’t cut it. It’s tedious and time consuming for your sales staff and recording the information on little slips of paper means it will probably get lost. Even if you enter it into a spreadsheet at some point, ways to analyze the data are limited.

With a software platform like LiveCrew, you can easily enter and track customer information. Every time a customer leaves the store, your sales associates can quickly record the details. With LiveCrew, it’s just 2 questions and 10 seconds of your staff’s time.

Making it quick and easy makes all the difference. Once you establish the routine of tracking customer information, you’ll begin to get a clear picture of your blind spots and inventory needs. Consistency is key in capturing, collecting, and analyzing visitor data.

Your sales associates will thank you – answering a few quick questions on a software platform is much easier than trying to keep track of papers or remember what customers said after the fact.


When it comes to brick-and-mortar retails stores, it is critical to capture insights as soon as potential customers leave your store. You need a tool that enables your sales team to track and analyze every time someone leaves because you didn't have the right product in stock.

With LiveCrew, you can forget about the missed opportunities, guesswork, and tedious manual tracking. You’ll have easy access to the data that will allow your company to grow and keep your customers happy.

When you know exactly what your customers want, you can stock exactly what they need. LiveCrew will even send you alerts about what to stock and when to stock it. You’ll meet your customer demands and boost your conversion rates.

Book a demo today with LiveCrew and start to maximize your stock, delight your customers, and increase your bottom line.

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